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And put an end to expensive, frustrating computer problems finally and forever

What Would Happen To Your Business If Disaster Struck Today? 

"If all my business data files were destroyed, could I get back on my feet?"

"What about Ransomware, how do I recover from that?"

Can you answer these questions comfortably?

At QBT, our goal is to make sure that your business is protected against any disaster, whether it be a drive failure or a Virus attack. We provide reliable Backup and Disaster Recovery services to businesses that want to secure themselves from the unforeseeable across Australia.

The best part is we Manage this service. We make sure that it backs up and we test it and verify the data is recoverable.

With Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Solutions from Queensland Business Technologies, we'll help you to:

  • Get back to business as usual as quickly as possible, with advanced solutions for Data Backup and recovery that will protect you
  • Protect more than just your data - we safegaurd the entire system by providing Backup and Recovery that covers all your bases
  • All your data is safely stored both onsite and off site

No matter if you need full Disaster Recovery Plan, Offsite Backup, Recovery Services, Computer Backup or Virtual Machine Data Backup and Recovery, we can handle it all.

Don't let one incident derail your entire business and plans for the future. Get a Disaster Recovery and Data Backup solution that will allow you to stay on track, no matter what comes your way.

From as little as $15.95 per month let us do the hard work so you can focus on business!




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