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E-mail Security

Protect yourself from SPAM, phishing, malware, and other e-mail borne threats. QBT Mail Protection runs a unique combination of anti-virus and anti-spam engines to check every single e-mail to quarantine threats. Additionally, with real-time pattern based threat recognition, we can detect emerging threats and help you stay protected

This service offers a 99.7% clean rate which is one of highest in the industry. QBT Mail Protection provides best email security and email backup for your business with features such as:

  • 24/7 email backup in case of your primary mail system fails
  • Reliable email security with SPAM and Virus removal
  • Encrypted, tamper-proof email archive
  • Additional security for Office 365
  • Unlimited email storage with zero maintenance
  • Advanced search and restore features
  • And more


Protect Yourself From A Major Source of Security Attacks

QBT Mail Protection is a proven, highly effective hosted email security solution whose next-generation technology protects thousands of organisations from junk email and viruses while also providing valuable email continuity. With a comprehensive range of features, QBT Mail Protection enables administrators to-fine tune the filtering on a per-person, per-domain, or per-organization basis.

Enhance Support for Office 365

As businesses continue shifting IT to the cloud, Office 365 is fast becoming the standard for most businesses. However, because Office 365 is so prevalent, malicious actors frequently try to exploit it. QBT Mail Protection mitigates a business's reliance on a single provider for both its primary e-mail infrastructure an e-mail archive, helping to ensure users can always access business critical information. And, should Office 365 experience a service interruption, QBT Mail Protection allows employees to continue to send and recieve e-mail while Microsoft restores service even during a server or service outage.




Customers can continue accessing, responding to, and sending email messages, even in the event of an on-premise mail server or network outage. The continuity feature is always available, easy to use, and it goes without saying that it's extremely valuable in the event of a problem with the customer’s mail infrastructure.

Industry-leading virus protection

QBT Mail Protection provides a unique combination of technologies to defend against email-borne threats, including zero-hour antivirus defence, virtualization-based malware detection technology, and traditional signature-based antivirus engines – together resulting in unmatched malware defence.

Inbound and outbound spam filtering

Robust, highly accurate and adaptive spam detection improves productivity by blocking junk email, including emerging new spam variants. The service also prevents inappropriate messages from being sent from a customer's network -- protecting the company’s reputation, improving overall email deliverability, and alerting administrators as to the presence of any compromised systems.

Network defence

QBT Mail Protection prevents directory harvest attacks and email-based denial of service attacks by limiting and controlling inbound SMTP traffic, protecting your network and your mail server

Intuitive web-based control panel

The customizable web-based control panel allows administrators or end-users to manage the service with a minimum of effort, while also providing users with access to queued messages in the event of an on-premise mail server failure.

Hosted individual junk mail quarantines

The service can retain detected spam messages in quarantine, outside of the company's network. Users can access the quarantine at any time. Users can also receive, up to three times per day, a convenient, automatically emailed summary of detected spam messages with a link next to each message allowing the user to easily release any potential false positives from the quarantine.

Message logging and search

Administrators can easily determine the delivery status of an inbound or outbound message, via a message search tool that provides full delivery logs with detailed tracking information, including the specific response from the receiving mail server.

Optional integrated archive

At any time, You can easily enable the integrated, affordable, and easy-to-use Archive service for one or more domains, to provide a complete solution for email security, continuity, and archive.


  • Immediate activation, with no hardware or software to download, install, or maintain.
  • Junk mail is blocked before it reaches the customer’s network - reducing risk, network bandwidth and load on the mail server
  • Built-in continuity allows customers to continue using email even when their mail server is down
  • Robust spam and virus detection technologies block even emerging "zero hour" threats
  • Delegated management capabilities and other self-service features allow administrators to save time compared to other email security solutions
  • Customers can use the service with any operating system or mail infrastructure including Exchange, Lotus Domino, GroupWise, Zimbra, qmail, postfix, sendmail and any other SMTP server.

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