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And put an end to expensive, frustrating computer problems finally and forever

Tired of slow, unresponsive, Computer Support or IT Services that don't align with your business? At Queensland Business Technologies we deal in efficiency. Our Managed Services are custom designed to quickly and efficiently dispose of your technology frustrations.

Many business owners and executives at small to midsized business are tearing their hair out trying to come up with solutions for some of the most irritating and time consuming issues their company faces. Today, businesses need to be efficient to be competitive. We all know that catastrophes can happen at any moment. What do you do if you're having network issues and your IT Provider is a no show? It's going to cost you in downtime.

With Queensland Business Technologies' Managed Services and Support, we wholeheartedly beleive that you will see the value in our services. Let us eliminate the threat of downtime so you can keep your business operational and productive.

What our Managed Services offer:

  • Remote Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Comprehensive IT Consulting
  • Comprehensive IT Support
  • Help Desk with Experienced Technicians
  • Immediate Responses

Don't wait for network problems to arise, get proactive! Call Queensland Business Technologies right now at 07 5421 1020, or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us show you how we can help your business run more efficiently.

E-mail Protection

Stop SPAM and Virus infected e-mails.

Over 80% of infections still come via infected or SPAM e-mails. Want to know how to keep it clean?

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Web Protection

 How do you spot a compromised website?

Well, you don't. Unless you have a service that stops you going there before you find out the hard way.

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